Journey into Mystery Comic Book Shoes

I hadn’t really had a good chance to post these previously. I was thinking for a while of putting Loki’s medallion on the toes, but I was too worried what cutting off the ends of the inner elastic (the bow) might do. These shoes are made of countless pages - many favourite panels and speech bubbles (LOKKKIIIIIII). Kid Loki, Leah, Thor, and a multitude of the not-so-good (including Loki’s other selves, Hela, Mephisto, and Surtur). Done over four days of concentrated work. Paper, paint, pen, gouache, varnish, and shoes.

A labour of love for a story I wish would never end.

I bought ten dollar red shoes at WalMart and made them Iron Man themed.

I love cheap shoes and paint and markers all so much together you can’t possibly know…

The most important part of this: Iron Man shoes. SHINY ONES. :3

Because I’m going to the Avengers today (probably) and Thor needed a decent chaperone (and I had the right colours for it)(and I’ve been wearing my “casual Loki” too much).

So have a little casual everyday geek girl costuming. THOR….

Time to go make Mjolnir out of pasta boxes, a Pringle lid, and a few other recyclables… (and duct tape).

Loki-inspired outfit for the first day of school today :)

It rained all day. And I love the rain…but I yelled at Thor all day. Because yelling at Thor is fun.


(Even in the rain with no umbrella…)

It made it all better :)